Survey: Why girls wear makeup? How often do they wear it?

I have come to terms with the fact that everyone has their personal preferences on make up and whether or not he/she likes it, however these people can’t determine the amount we choose to wear or how often we wear it. Every girl has the right to feel beautiful and just because he/she may wear makeup and this person or that person dislikes it, doesn’t mean neither is more beautiful than the other.

Putting that aside, I have done a small survey with girls who do wear it and I asked them 2 questions. Why do you choose to wear makeup? How often do you apply it? I have tallied all the information I got up and will give you an overall evaluation on what the answers were that I got.

Lets start with: Why do you choose to wear makeup?

Majority of the answers I was given were to help themselves feel good and to boost their confidence which I totally understand myself, being a girl who wore it all throughout most of my intermediate and high school till now. I used to think that there was no way of feeling pretty without makeup. I now have come to a stage where I am able to go everywhere without it and understand it’s purpose of being there when I need it, (When I’m feeling down about myself, feeling bored and want something to do, have an special occasion). A few others were wearing it because of jobs, courses, special occasions which is also great or they have a love for it and would like to learn as much as they can from it. For whichever reason it may be, I think it’s safe to say our girls are speaking up! If it makes you feel confident, then wear that sh*t as much as you like, if this is your medication then take as many doses as you like!

I’m wanting to share a few of the best answers below just so you can get a real view on it:

“So I’ve never ever been a girl to wear make up, I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it because I’ve never worn make up apart from eyeliners and mascara plus no time in the day to get all dolled up etc, Lol But over these last few months I’ve had a complete style change from hoods and tights, to normal ever day clothes, so to match my new wardrobe I felt more confident wearing make up (sometimes) Been a newbie doesn’t help because I’m not sure if I’m doing it right but I have fun experimenting with my make up now, I don’t always leave the house with it on though Lol Not that confident. But getting there”

“I love wearing make up because it boost my confidence a bit more & it makes me feel better about myself’

“I love wearing makeup to make me feel more than your average mother”

“being a mother of 2 can be pretty stressful last thing I want to do is put makeup on lol. Other then that I still love it and only wear on occasions, weddings birthdays etc.”

“The days where I am going out doing something for my confidence around people and so I am more confident in my self cause I know I’m looking good. I can go out without make up on and be fine but I’ll be worrying about my imperfections.”

“I was a girl with no self confidence and makeup helped me, i usually wear it everyday but I’m slowly learning i don’t need it to feel good.”

 “I have to wear foundation everyday – silly reason . So I have the confidence to deal with what the day throws at me , I have a red complexion so I struggle with that , but wearing foundation gives me the ability to feel normal.”

I hope you’s are tucked in whilst reading these and are enjoying some real life reasons. I mean, i could tell you my reasons on why I wear makeup and how often I apply it but with just my opinion, I’m not covering a lot of other peoples perspectives which is my ultimate aim. So, now we have the first question down, let’s tackle the final question.

How often do girls wear makeup?

So surprisingly around 1 or 2 of the 20 girls that have commented their thoughts have said that they wear it nearly everyday for the confidence boost. Majority have said that they wear it only on special occasions or once or twice a week and for me personally I wear it around 3 times a week mainly for work purposes. Once again, in saying this… I think the amount of times you choose to wear makeup whether it be every day or once a week, it doesn’t mean that you are self conscious or anything, it just makes you feel that extra better about yourself, whether you wish to feel 100% on a Thursday or a Friday is totally up to you and I know it’s annoying when some people criticize those who wear it and put us down, but your not alone!

I think I’ll just leave this here… hehe

Funny-Makeup-23 I really hope you enjoyed this read as much as I enjoyed writing this for you!! Please leave me a comment on what you would like to read next. Tutorial, how to find your perfect foundation, etc!


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