Eyebrow Routine – (Drugstore)

Alrightey guysss!!

I’m here today to tell you all about “dat brow game“.

I started off with the moon shaped eyebrows, or the one line brow and thank god for the genius who started the brow trend! hahaha, I am so happy to not have to put up with those brows EVER again! Okay, so let’s jump straight into how I do my brows! I have decided to use drugstore products and the eyebrows down in the photo mainly because it’s a lot more versatile to everyone!

Lets start with my shape! I basically get my eyebrows threaded every month or so, I tweeze them to maintain them. I used to get my eyebrows waxed but I totally prefer threading because it gives you that more natural type of brow if you know what I mean?! Now, lets face it everyone has different brows and what kind of brow suits their face shape (If your unsure on what brow suit’s your face shape, let me know and I can help you figure that out.) Mine are not perfect! That’s for sure, but no one’s is! Say if I went to go copy and paste someone’s brows to my face they’d probably look horrendous but that brow works for them. Hahaha (Copy & paste).

Now for the products! I use the ELF eyebrow kit ($10NZD) and the Jessup Flat Definer Brush to fill in my brows (You can use any angled brow brush you have, or dark coloured eyeshadow) ! I use just an ordinary spoolie or old mascara wand to brush them through first before doing any filling.

I did say drugstore but just take the MAC palette out and use any old concealer you have.
I did say drugstore but just take the MAC palette out and use any old concealer you have.

I’ll tweeze any unwanted hairs and start filling in the tail of my brow first with the dark gel colour in the brow kit. Then I will move on to out lining the eyebrow with the same colour. Next I will take my NYX brow kit and start filling my brows in staying away from the inner corner of the eye to try avoid having bold dark eyebrows! If you keep the product away from the start of your eyebrow, they will look a lot more natural. With the white clear gel, use that to set your eyebrows in place making sure they don’t budge throughout the day. Now you can either choose to stop right there or give your brows the extra oomph by outlining the brow with any type of concealer or foundation of your colour and a concealer brush to help define them that much more!


This is with my base of my face done and dem brows so the main focus can be BROWS!

Obviously you can use a brow gel instead of the gel from the NYX palette or you can find your own products that work well for you. These are just what I use when I’m ogetting ready for work or just a simple day out to the shops.

Thank you so much for reading!! Please leave a comment if you would like to see a tutorial on what eyebrows suit what face shape! Much love xx


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