Fake Replica Makeup: Why it’s bad for you.

“Would you put something on your skin without knowing what’s really inside it?”

I am going to try my hardest to persuade you from staying away from Replica makeup and perfume why you should either stick to drugstore products if you are not wanting to fork out a lot of money for high end products. There are a lot of dupes out there for these high end makeup brands and replica makeup is not one of them. I will over my time writing find you dupe’s for these amazing brands for a fraction of the cost but for now, please stay away from these products!

You may be thinking that there’s nothing wrong with the lipstick I bought that was a replica however, the London Police have even issued a nation-wide alert and it has even reached here to New Zealand in our New Zealand Herald that what you think is okay for your skin may not be in the future.

This is a Counterfeit perfume lab ↓ London Police found this lab with over 1000’s of counterfeit perfumes. They researched what was inside of them and there happened to have been Human Urine and Rat droppings along with lead and mercury. These are what your replica makeup or perfume are being made in.

Counterfeit perfume factory
Counterfeit perfume factory

Police found in one shipping container 4700 MAC bronzers, lipsticks, lipglosses and eyeshadows. These criminals are making at least $141 Million every year from people buying these products. So, here is where it’s going to get a little more gruesome and if you can’t stand to see gruesome photo’s then I suggest you don’t read on.

Unfortunately, as I stated these replica products such as MAC, Urban Decay, Lorac pro just to name a few have heavy amounts of mercury, lead, copper, cadmium and more! This lady here used a Urban decay naked palette on her eyes and  her whole face swelled up causing an allergic reaction.

High levels of lead can cause high blood pressure, fertility problems and increased harm to the fetus during pregnancy. The heavy metals have been linked to skin sensitivity, health problems and even death!


Some almost going completely blind from using these products! It’s just not worth it guys!


Places where you can buy these Replica cosmetics from are EBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, markets, facebook groups and many other places. I am telling you now, high end cosmetic brands will not be sold at heavily discounted prices and wholesale. So….

“If the price is too good to be true, It most likely is!”



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