The bubble nails trend. Yay or nay?!

Okay… So I’m randomly scrolling through my news feed and I come across what I hate to say “New Trend”, Bubble Nails!!! Yes!! I mean I am not hating if you like that look, then that’s all you boo! I’m just going to let them speak for themselves!

maxresdefault (1)

I am more of your classic type girl so I don’t really go out there with this type of thing instead of makeup but if you are into this look then by all means wear it! No judgement here, as long as they’re not on my nails I’m happy !

Let me know what your thoughts on the new trend are!! Do you say “Yay or nay?”


For those wanting to see a video on how the bubble nail is created then click this link (Skip to 2:21 and 4:54 as this is a long video if your just curious in sort of seeing how it’s done)



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