My Go-to Eye Look and How To Blend Eye Makeup – It’s Judy Time Palette

Hey lovelies!

My latest post is going to be about this look here that I’ve created with the “Its Judy Time Palette” by BH Cosmetics.

IMG_1754[1]I’ve been loving this simple look a lot recently. I’ve been wearing it to work, or just on the go. It’s so simple and easy and the blending isn’t really precise at all so it’s great for a beginner! The star of the show will be obviously the judy time palette.


I personally love this palette, it works remarkably well. It’s not overly pigmented but it gives a nice subtle dimensional look to the eye. Its super affordable! It has 5 matte shades and the rest have shimmer. I used the 2nd from the top: (light brown), 4th from the top (Brown with red hues in it) and the darkest brown there.

I started off with the lightest brown and a fluffy crease brush, any fluffy brush should do the trick and just blended it all over the lid up into the crease, not worrying where it was going, just BLENDING, this will act as my transition shade to help all the colors come together. Then I took the slightly darker light brown with red tinge to it with the same brush I put that just into the crease. The key to blending is to blend till your hands fall off and make sure there are no harsh lines, use windshield wiper motions and go for it. So, with this color I was able to take it a little high up , not too far up (try stay away from the brow bone area) If the crease is close to your brow then try be a little more careful so you don’t go too high up, but if your like me and you have a lot of room, you can basically go a little free with it. Next I took a pencil brush and used the darkest brown in the palette and put it into the outer third of my eye.


Grabbing the lightest brown shade in the palette and your fluffy brush, blend it all in together being a little more precise as it is a darker color. Keep blending till their are no harsh lines, also add more if you want to make the eye look a little more in-depth. I prefer to keep it just  the way it is because it’s a little more natural. I also used the lightest shade and the fluffy brush and blended the shadow under my eyes all the way around. I popped on some liner and did a small wing then lashes!!

Look completed 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this look, Will definitely be doing more. Please follow me on my social media so I can get to know you more. Thank you!!



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